Friday, January 28, 2011 the door, it's gonna make you love me...

After many mentions of blogging by a dear friend of mine and much avoidance by one Candidas... I would like to say simply this: Hello World, I am Candidas.  And this is my blog.

Wow, one sentence down... or I guess two technically (and at this point, Dear Reader, you are saying it is three, are you not?  The game should continue if I allowed it).  Kind of a weird feeling, right?  You sign on, you choose your template design after much indecisiveness - of course questioning will the Reader like this background or will it offend his or her delicate taste-, and then you sit down with this empty white box.  It's begging for you to say something, anything really, in hopes that what is produced out of the tap-tap-tapping on the keyboard is something profound, proverbial, eye-opening.  Something that pops out to those scanning blogs, something that makes a person stop and read.  Something that says 'hi Dear Reader, what I have written is so beautiful that you will inevitably want to come back for my next entry... and what a good one it will be.'  But you find yourself with this blank white screen, and you realize that all you know to say is a simple hello.  And until you find the right words, you hope that is enough.

Which leads me to my title.  I think it captures the truth by which we are all captivated and catapulted.  Do we not all stand at one side of a closed door hoping that once that barrier is removed we will ultimately be loved?  That we will not only be accepted and warmly received, but that we will 'be Somebody'.  We will be somebody loved, somebody wanted, somebody special.  It does not matter so much what 'somebody' in which we take form, but that we ARE somebody... so this is me, opening the door, hoping that it makes you love me...

~*~be somebody~*~

You may ask who is Candidly Candidas.  Or better yet, how in the world do you say Candidas.  With my best attempt at phonetic  spelling: can- dee - dus.  Blame my mom... she always sang this old Frank Orlando song with her interpretation to make it closer to my own name 'Oh Candidas, you took my heart and left me'... and that is the only line I know of that song.  Is that strange when you consider it is my nickname and quite possibly my fondest term of endearment?  The few who call me by that are some of my dearest loved ones, and the word alone makes me feel at home.  I think that is, in part, why I am using it on here.  I am hoping to be fair to you, Reader.  I am hoping to be so candid ...

      ----- candid: indicating or suggesting sincere honesty and absence of deception ----

... that through this journey you see me as less of a stranger, more of a friend, and forever someone you would want to call by her fondest of names.

As for now, Dear Reader - who I can only presume would be but my own mother and my lovely friend Lauren who dangled this entire scrumptious idea in front of me - that is enough.  May there be many more posts by me that are written while losing myself in the wistful music of The Script, many more reads by the two of you, and even more random people who stop to read this, deciding by the end of it that I am worth their read, worth their following, and lastly that I, too, could 'be somebody.'

To a door that is now open, Hello World.  And goodbye for now.

~*~ Candidly Candidas ~*~

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  1. YAY! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to read more.